Bubble pop: The Oscars red carpet is getting a new look

Stars, cameras, glittering gowns and the red carpet are all essential ingredients at the Oscars. But this year, one of those elements is being renewed.

During the Oscars carpet rollout in Los Angeles on Wednesday, it was revealed that stars will walk the champagne-colored carpet instead of the red carpet for Sunday’s show.

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel announced the big news outside the Dolby Theater on Wednesday, joking that the light-colored floor “doesn’t bleed,” in reference to the infamous. The Will Smith story at last year’s show, where Smith took the stage and punched comedian Chris Rock.

The 95th red carpet of the
The Oscars Red Carpet Event was held at Ovation Hollywood on March 8, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Variety via Michael Buckner/Getty Images

“Will there be trouble this year?” is asking. Kimmel said. “Will there be violence this year? Of course we hope not, but if there is, I think the decision to walk the champagne carpet rather than the red carpet shows how confident we are that there will be no bloodshed.”

The red carpet was the star-studded mainstay of the Oscars show off their clothes to the world when they arrive at the show. According to the Associated Press, the star-studded path has been red since the 33rd Academy Awards in 1961. It was also the first television version of the awards show, albeit not in color.

The Oscars are the latest in a series of ceremonies and events designed to revolutionize the red carpet tradition. For example, last year’s Emmys carpet was gold, but this year’s Golden Globes carpet was gray.

Vogue contributor and creative consultant for this year’s Oscars, Lisa Love, led the decision to change the carpet, which she noted was not a controversial choice among organizers, according to the AP.

Also, Mahbhat told the AP agency that the organizers chose a light-colored tent cover. The red carpet is topped with a sienna-colored canopy.

“It’s just a relief and I hope people like it,” Love said, according to the AP. “That doesn’t mean it’s always going to be a champagne-colored carpet.”

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