Did Amy Robach trust TJ Holmes more than Andrew Shue?

Did Amy Robach trust TJ Holmes more than Andrew Shue?

Amy Robach used to confide in her now-husband TJ Holmes about the headaches of her marriage to Andrew Shue, implying that their relationship was strong before their relationship.

“When Amy had problems with Andrew from 2020 to 2022, she trusted TJ,” he muttered.

“At the end of their marriage, ‘Andrew didn’t support her,'” the source revealed. WeWhen Robach “challenged him to run four marathons in 2022,” Holmes “supported and Andrew didn’t,” Robach said.

Colleagues added that “the relationship grew stronger because of that, and that’s where it all started,” with the insider revealing that the 45-year-old and blonde journalist “had a crush on Amy when they were together.”

In other news, fired lovebirds Robach and Holmes were spotted out together at an event together for the first time since the scandalous drama at ABC’s Howard Bragman Memorial.

“I couldn’t believe it was them! I didn’t even know they were in LA,” one person said page six Attended a ceremony at his private park in North Hollywood, California.

“They looked like … they didn’t fit, but she was wearing a really short wrap dress and they just looked like this hot couple. There was no shame in their game,” the source added.

The evicted couple “arrived maybe 10-15 minutes before the service” and despite the controversy, “they seemed very happy and greeted everyone with warm smiles. They were very friendly with everyone,” the consultant said.

Still, there were many whisperers. Something electrical happened. They looked like a couple in love. “They were attentive and aware of each other,” the source said.

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