K-pop group Twice talks Billboard award and new comeback

Jihyo revealed the meaning of the tracks “Set Me Free”.

K-pop group Twice sat down to discuss their latest comeback Ready to be and their win at Billboard’s Women in Music event. The group’s leader Jihyo revealed the meaning of their title track release me:

release me It follows the meaning of “Let our hearts be content with everything that binds us and freely loves us.” I think many people can feel another charm of TWICE. I hope people will listen to our music and enjoy our performance.”

Referring to their performance of the English pre-release track Moonlight sunrise, member Momo explained, “It was especially important that we were able to showcase our pre-release track at the Billboard Women in Music Awards. It’s a song that I personally like and our fans seem to like it too, so I’m glad we feel the same way.”

They also touched on their win for Breakthrough Artist at the Billboard event, as Dahyun expressed his gratitude, “I was so surprised that so many people who came to the awards ceremony cheered enthusiastically every time we were shown on the screen. I want to thank everyone who supports TWICE from the bottom of my heart.”

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