Netflix’s ‘Fame’ director denies abuse allegations

According to the accuser, they studied at the same school as the principal

Netflix’s hit series Glory director Ahn Gil-ho denies the allegations of intimidation. The allegations surfaced just days before the premiere Glory second season.

The alleged victim explained that she did not know that Ahn Gil-ho was the director because they were not familiar with Korean dramas and only found out about the show through talking to a friend.

According to the accuser, they attended the same school with the principal in the Philippines, where he was a high school student and the victim was in high school. The incidents began when the victim’s gang teased Ahn Gil Ho’s high school daughter. Then he brought the group to himself and attacked them.

They added, “Honestly, if Ahn Gil Ho lives a good life, I don’t have to deal with this. However, I am here to reveal this because it is absurd and inexcusable for a school bully to run a program like Glory to raise awareness about school violence.”

Studio Dragon, the company responsible for the production Glory said it was investigating the allegations. In addition, Ahn Gil Ho said that although he actually studied in the Philippines for a year, he does not remember assaulting anyone.

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