Netflix’s “You” helmer shares why he chose Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” for the Season 4 finale.

Netflix’s “You” helmer shares why he chose Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” for the Season 4 finale.

Netflix psychological crime thriller show, You The fourth season ended on Thursday, March 9, 2023.

In the episode’s finale, fans were shocked to see the twist they were treated to, followed by a hit Taylor Swift single. Against the hero.

Despite this being a recent song, Sera Gamble elaborated in an interview. The Hollywood Reporter although they planned with a different account, how did he acquire the rights.

“It just came out and we had another great song that was going to be British,” shared Gamble.

“I saw the video and realized it was perfect for Joe, and then my first thought was, ‘Why did he let us use it right away?’

He went ahead and asked anyway, even though he wasn’t sure it would work. “Sometimes it’s a single in the world at that moment. It’s a very precious song and it means a lot. But it was one of those “No harm in asking” things. And then when he said yes, we were very pleased.”

As for the British song, so did Gamble THR that he would keep it in his “pocket” and use it whenever he could.

Before the show aired, Penn Badgley, who plays the killer stalker protagonist, made his TikTok debut in October 2022 when the song was released.

His character is dressed like Joe Goldberg Gossip alum lip-synced to the song, which hilariously depicts her character’s ugly dilemma.

The actor might tease the finale episode before the show airs.

Parts 1 and 2 You season four is currently streaming on Netflix.

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