The 2023 Oscars will not feature a red carpet

The 2023 Academy Awards will all take place in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 12, and it has been reported that the red carpet leading to the 95th Academy Awards will not be rolled out at the Dolby Theater.

Ahead of Hollywood’s biggest, star-studded event, the Associated Press reported Wednesday that the 2023 Academy Awards will feature a “champagne-colored” carpet.

Workers laid a champagne-colored carpet outside the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, where Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 95th Academy Awards on Sunday.

“I think the decision to walk the champagne carpet on the red carpet shows how confident we are that there’s no bloodshed,” Kimmel said.

As reported by ET Canada, the decision to change the color for the first time since 1961 was made by longtime Vogue contributor Lisa Love, creative advisors, and Raul Avila, creative director of New York’s glamorous Met Gala.

“We turned a day event into a night event,” Love told The Associated Press. “Even though it’s 3:00, it’s late.”

“Someone always has a way of finding something wrong with something,” Love said. “It’s just a relief and I hope people like it. That doesn’t mean it’s always going to be a champagne-colored carpet.”

The 95th Academy Awards will be broadcast live on ABC.

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