“I regret turning down the role of Batman: Josh Hartnett

“I regret turning down the role of Batman: Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett said he was initially offered Black Knight trilogy. However, he refused the role and later regretted it.

talk to playboy magazine, Hartnett said he was originally offered the title role but turned it down.

“I said no to some of the wrong people. I said no because I was tired and wanted to spend more time with my friends and family.

Bad in this area. People don’t like to be told no. I don’t like it.

I learned a lesson when Christopher Nolan and I talked about Batman. I decided it wasn’t for me.

Then he didn’t want to put me on Prestige. They didn’t just hire their own Batman [Christian Bale] they also hired my girlfriend for that [Scarlett Johansson] at the same time.”

Oppenheimer the actor continued, “I realized at that point that relationships were built in the fire of that first Batman movie, and I had to be a part of that relationship with this Nolan guy, who I thought was incredibly cool and very talented.

I tried not to be pigeonholed and afraid of being considered one thing as an actor. I should have thought, “Well, I’ll work hard, bro.” It was great to see Christian Bale doing so many other things.

I mean, he could handle it. Why couldn’t I see it then?’

Hartnett is best known for her roles in the Michael Bay war films Black Hawk Down and Pearl Harbor.

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