New species of spider discovered at NISER campus in Bhubaneswar | Bhubaneswar News

BHUBANESWAR: A new species of spider has been discovered on a university campus National Institute of Scientific Education and Research (NISER) Bhubaneswar. The spider was named Siler lowermeans its opening.
He discovered this type of spider Ayush Paragintegrated M.A. student and his M.A. thesis supervisor Aniruddha Datta Roy Biological sciences, NISER. They worked with John TD Caleb, an Indian jumping spider specialist from Chennai.
According to official sources, the new species was discovered during a monitoring project aimed at documenting and understanding the biodiversity of spiders on campus. Parag started the project two years ago and has been conducting regular surveys ever since.
The discovery of siler nizer highlights the importance of grasslands as habitats for a variety of organisms. “Grasslands and other open habitats are often neglected, destroyed and labeled unproductive. “They are critical ecosystems and may contain unique biota, as we discovered,” said Parag. The spider was found in the grasslands NISER Campustheir biodiversity has not been studied in detail before.
The description of this new spider species has been published in the scientific journal Zoosystematics and Evolution and is expected to contribute to a better understanding of the biodiversity of the NISER campus and Odisha as a whole.
“It’s always exciting to discover a new species, especially when it comes from an area that hasn’t been thoroughly explored before,” said Datta Roy, adding, “I hope our research will encourage others to explore and explore unique habitats on and around Earth.” NISER Campus”.
The discovery of Siler Niser is a testament to the value of student-led research projects and the importance of conserving natural habitats for future generations, NISER Bhubaneswar said in a statement on Sunday.

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