When the Star Wars actor evaded police at the Oscars

When the Star Wars actor evaded police at the Oscars

Anthony Daniels, who famously portrayed C-3PO star wars, once he was nearly busted by the police at the Oscars.

In his book I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story, the actor revealed that he got out of his droid suit and headed to the bar after leaving the entrance of the awards show.

“My bodyguard reluctantly left me alone. I left him to look through all my belongings, including the very unflattering badge he gave me. It looked like some kind of radiation alarm and didn’t match my smart clothes.”

When Daniels exited the elevator, he found the boots of a “fully armed police officer” blocking his path.

However, they thought he was a doorman without a gold suit and wanted to arrest him.

“Time stopped. My future life flashed before my eyes. “My hands were tied, I was fingerprinted, who knows, I would have been in jail, my professional life was over, I was left with a smile,” wrote Daniel.

Next, Daniel used the opportunity to divert the officer’s attention.

“I carefully stepped back without even looking [into the elevator] and pressed the button. When he turned around, his boots were too late to stop my escape. As he ran up the stairs to the next level,

I clung gratefully to my personal guardian and flashed my badge to everyone.”

Meanwhile, Daniels has attended several Academy Awards in her iconic Star Wars outfit.

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