Camilla believes Harry and Meghan don’t deserve the ‘privilege’ of attending Charles’ coronation

Queen Camilla doesn’t want Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to attend King Charles’ coronation because she doesn’t think they deserve the “privilege”.

The insider spilled Online radar The former Duchess of Edinburgh is said to have led almost everyone around her husband, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to the throne.

A source says the 75-year-old doesn’t want the youngest son of Charles and Princess Diana at the historic event because he bashed him in his memoir. Spare.

Harry revealed in his autobiography that he begged his father not to marry Camilla, whom Diana called Charles’s third marriage.

The Duke also claimed that Camilla had developed a relationship with him so that the press would publish good stories about him at the expense of bad news about him. 60 minutes interview.

A royal insider said of Camilla: “She’s become coronationzilla.” “Camilla and Charles are at odds over which celebrities to invite to the ceremony.”

“He even pressed Charles on his clothes. That’s all he gets,” the insider added.

A source revealed her distaste for the California royal couple, saying: “Camilla feels the couple don’t even deserve to attend the coronation after Harry beat her.”

However, Charles believes Harry and Meghan “should be present at such an important moment,” the insider said.

“He hasn’t fully forgiven Harry and Meghan, but is trying to make some progress. Camilla is trying to prevent this situation.”

“Camilla and Charles sleep in separate bedrooms because of the row and her constant complaining,” the insider added.

“He’s hoping she’ll calm down and see the bigger picture … but so far Camilla has been absolutely terrifying.”

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