Ke Hui Kuan thanks his mother after winning Best Supporting Actor

Oscars 2023: Ke Hui Quan thanks his mother after winning Best Supporting Actor

Everything at the same time, everywhere Star Ke Hui Kuan thanked her mother for giving her luck and a good life after accepting her Oscar at Sunday’s ceremony.

The 50-year-old actor said that as an adult actor, he returned his birth name and honored his mother.

Speaking to the press backstage at the Oscars, he recalled changing his birth name to an American one after winning for Best Supporting Actor and then regaining it later in his career.

“You know, when I started as a child, it was my birth name, Ke Hui Quan,” he said. “Then, when things got tough, I remember my manager saying to me, ‘Maybe it would be easier if you took an American name.’ And I crave work so much that I can do anything.”

He went on to say, “It was foolish of me to try a different name than the one I was once given, but it might show that I was trying to do something different.”

However, when Quan decided to resume his acting career after a three-year hiatus, when he couldn’t find any work, he proudly used his real name.

In this way he felt that he respected his mother who had done so much for him and his other siblings and had sacrificed so much for him.

“First of all, I wanted to go back to my birth name,” he said. “To see Ariana tonight [DeBose] open that envelope and say ‘Ke Hui Quan’, it was a very special moment for me.”

He went on to say, “And then I got emotional right away, but the first thing that came to my mind was my mother – who is the reason I’m in America, who is the reason I’m living a good life? all these possibilities’.

“As I said in my acceptance speech, he sacrificed a lot. He had a great life where we came from and he gave it all up, so all of his children – there are nine of us – and each one of them. I thank my parents,” he added.

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