McConnell suffered a concussion and was released from the hospital to rehabilitate in a rehabilitation facility

Washington — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was released from the hospital Monday after suffering a concussion and a fractured rib, but will continue to receive treatment at an inpatient rehabilitation facility, his office said.

“Leader McConnell’s concussion recovery is progressing well,” his spokesman, David Popp, said in a news release. “On the advice of his doctor, the next step will be a period of therapeutic exercise in an inpatient rehabilitation facility before returning home.”

An 81-year-old man suffered a concussion on Wednesday Check in at the Washington Hotelhe attended a private dinner

Over the weekend, McConnell’s medical team determined he had a minor rib fracture, Popp said.

In 2019, McConnell suffered a fall at home and underwent surgery to repair a broken shoulder.

Several members of the Senate were absent due to illness.

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is receiving treatment for clinical depression at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland starting in mid-February. California Senator Dianne Feinstein left the hospital last week he recovered from his illness and was recuperating at home.

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