Meghan Markle ‘puts her emotional needs before Harry’s’

Meghan Markle is being accused of publicly ‘ignoring’ Prince Harry’s emotional needs.

Body language expert Nicole Moore has put forward these claims and accusations.

He began the conversation by accusing Meghan Markle of being “over” and a “scumbag” over her husband.

He even went so far as to accuse the duchess of perpetuating Prince Harry’s anxiety on her own, explaining that it “could mainly be because of how much Meghan’s anxiety affects her”.

Incidentally, the duchess says she is “providing little support to Harry as he struggles with anxiety.” Sun.

The behavior was noted by experts who saw a “visibly nervous” Harry in the car with Meghan, with the press behind him, as seen in the Netflix series.

He also noted that Meghan “took a deep breath at the beginning of the clip,” but it left her body stiff, which is nerve-wracking.

In contrast, Harry appeared much more relaxed with “relaxed shoulders” and a “thoughtful” mood, complemented by his wandering gaze out the window.

According to Nicole, Harry “seems to be less anxious than Meghan at the moment”, but it has prevented “a big dynamic of play” between them.

Basically, the whole time, Prince Harry didn’t seem to worry more about himself than Meghan.

Ms Moore’s view was that despite trying to reassure her that her friends’ house was only 10 minutes away, she was unable to contact him, although she “acknowledged his explanation”; Once a group of paparazzi flocked.

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