Netizens call it “No Hard Feelings” in real life

Netizens call it “No Hard Feelings” in real life

Jennifer Lawrence played the main role No hard feelings The film was criticized for the age difference between the main actors.

In the recently released trailer, Lawrence’s 32-year-old character, Maddie, is looking for easy gigs to earn some cash when she’s invited by a 19-year-old parent to seduce her son.

The film’s synopsis, starring Andrew Bart Feldman’s son, reads: “On the verge of losing her childhood home, Maddie finds an interesting job listing: wealthy helicopter parents looking for someone to ‘date’ their 19-year-old introverted son, Percy. , before he left for college.

“To her surprise, Maddy soon learns that awkward Percy isn’t sure.”

However, several viewers expressed their opinion about the awkward age gap between the film’s leads.

“First of all, I love Jennifer Lawrence, so don’t get me started. But is a thirty-two-year-old woman getting paid to ‘date’ and ‘hard-on’ an eighteen-year-old?” wrote one.

“With the permission of my father and mother. I wonder if it would be just as ‘funny’ if it was a 32-year-old man and an 18-year-old girl.”

“Jennifer Lawrence trailer. What’s this? The boy’s parents are embarrassed that he is an introvert, so they hire JLaw, who is twice his age, to help him out. That’s the premise, isn’t it?’ left another comment.

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