Prince Harry, Meghan Markle called “embarrassment”.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting backlash for their ‘attention-grabbing’ stunt.

A royal commentator has called the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “an embarrassment to themselves”.

Dan Wootton has slammed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for promoting their children’s royal titles, claiming they have lost “the last vestige of their dignity”.

“It’s an attention-grabbing couple, I think they’re an embarrassment to themselves,” Wootton told Sky News presenter Peta Credlin.

The move last week sparked huge controversy as the Sussexes continue to distance themselves from the royal family after months of intense media coverage.

The TV presenter slammed Meghan and Harry for going from “farcical to pathetic”.

He continued, “Do you think it’s time for us to feel sorry for this disgraceful couple who have been stripped of their last vestiges of dignity for the past week?”

Wootton also accused fans of being an “attention-grabbing couple” after spending years trying to convince fans that the royal family was “a backward entity that should have no place in today’s society”.

“They’ve been laughed at in America, and what they’ve proven is that all the rhetoric around the royal family and the wrong institution for society is not what they really believe in,” he added.

A royal expert said: “They just want to be king and queen, and if they can’t be, they will try to overthrow him.”

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