The Academy Awards will honor the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros

The Academy Awards will honor the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros

Warner Bros. A long time nod at the 2023 Oscars.

Love the studio behind the timeless blockbusters Harry Potter franchise, from Christopher Nolan Black Knight The series was recognized on the big stage at Sunday’s 100th anniversary Oscar ceremony.

I’m Tonya star Margot Robbie and Hollywood veteran Morgan Freeman in Warner Bros. inheritance.

Warner Bros. “I think we’re the biggest story company in the world, and the Oscars are the night to celebrate the greatest stories,” Discovery CEO David Zaslav told Variety. “Disney is also turning 100, so these are two great storytelling companies. We support each other.”

Robbie and Morgan presented an emotional video package in which Ingrid Bergman and Dooley Wilson “Casablanca” was projected onto the water tower of one of the oldest studios in the world.

Other Peter Jackson films were rejected Lord of the Rings trilogy, Christopher Reeves Superman, Singinin the rain Desire tram, From north to northwest, Bodyguard and Shining.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Founded in 1923 by four brothers Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner, the company was recognized as a leader in the American film industry before expanding into animation, television and video games.

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