“They throw things at each other”

William and Kate have ‘terrible row’ over nicknames: ‘They throw things at each other’

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship has been compared to that of a married couple in a Jane Austen novel, as an expert revealed they fight over sweet nicknames for each other.

In his book The Gilded Age: An Inside Story of Growing Up in the Royal Family Tom Quinn revealed that the Prince and Princess of Wales had a “terrible row” where they were “throwing” things at each other.

“Someone in the palace told me about the nicknames they give each other,” says the author Fox News. “But it’s not all sweetness.”

“They have a terrible row where they throw things at each other. Kate can seem like a very calm person, and so does William,” he added. “But that’s not always true.”

“Because the biggest stress for William and Kate is that they are surrounded all the time [palace aides]. It’s like a Jane Austen novel,” says the royal author.

Quinn revealed that Kate, a former member of the courtiers, calls William “baby” and she calls him “Doolittle Duchess” or the shorter version “DoD” or “Babykins”.

The mother-of-three also jokingly calls her husband ‘bald’ because he messes with her ‘endless hair’, according to the report.

However, when the couple was not on good terms, William would refer to her as “dear” with “signs of irritation,” the author wrote in his book.

But the duo also “calm down” quickly: “Kate is very calm. “William is a bit hot,” the writer explained.

“We see an example of this in Harry’s book… But Kate is very smart. He is the one who pours oil into troubled water and says, “Let’s not mess it up.”

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