A Twitter user asked, “The one food that everyone loves but you don’t?” asks about See reactions

From pizza to hamburgers, there are certain dishes and meals that have been popular for centuries and will please almost everyone. These irresistibly delicious dishes have an allure of their own that we can’t resist enjoying them. Such foods, especially street foods like gol gappas and momos, easily outstrip other options and make people pick them up everywhere. But some people’s taste buds are made differently because even the tastiest foods fail to impress them. A Twitter user recently asked a question along these lines and received many interesting responses.

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“What’s one food that everyone likes but you don’t?” the question was read.

Soon, users started sharing their food choices.

“The most talked about rajma chawal,” replied the user.

Another person agreed and wrote, “Rajma Chawal/ Kadi chawal.”

Another one from the same club.

This person does not like the street food that has taken over the streets of many cities.

“I don’t like sambhar and white curry in Tamil Nadu,” the comment reads.

One user took particular note of her food choices.

Another said: “I don’t know if it goes under the food, but I don’t like cottage cheese.

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“South Indian food and poha” was off the menu for this user.

Now this might come as a surprise to many hole bhatu lovers.

One person said, “I especially hate kaju ki barfi.”

“I am not a fan of idli and dhokla,” wrote another user.

“Peanut butter. But I like my cousin Almond Butter, right? comment is read.

This answer may affect more than one person.

Some users chose to describe in detail.

So what’s your answer?

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