Andrew Garfield took to the internet with his Oscars memorabilia

Andrew Garfield took to the internet with his Oscars memorabilia

Andrew Garfield once again did not disappoint meme-obsessed viewers at the Oscars.

The Spiderman The star’s meme status came when host Jimmy Kimmel referenced Will Smith’s infamous hit on Chris Rock in a monologue and, based on their on-screen characters, named several contestants who could protect him from the same incident if it happened.

After the names of various actors, the host adopted a distinguished spider character, who gave an awkward smile.

The photo soon went viral, with one viewer commenting: “Something about Andrew Garfield, he always gives out memorabilia at the Oscars.”

“Andrew Garfield, you are all of us!” another wrote.

The actor, who achieved meme status after being seen writing a message at last year’s ceremony, has gone viral again for his reaction to host Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue at the 2023 event.

In 2022, the 39-year-old became a meme after being spotted texting at last year’s ceremony.

Earlier, the actor spoke about the beating incident in an online interview The view.

“I feel really bad because Kevin Costner is introducing the directing candidates in the most beautiful and elegant way and I’m like, ‘There’s no way I’m going to get on camera at this point.'”

“Everybody’s been texting me and asking what the vibe is like in the room, and then my friends prioritized Kevin. I’m really sorry about that,” she added.

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