Beomgyu, a member of K-pop group TXT, discusses his love for his group and his music

He admitted that he doesn’t listen to TXT songs

Beomgyu of K-pop group TXT sat down with a new release Marie Claire magazine, he discussed his love of music and bandmates. He also discussed the band’s latest comeback Chapter Title: Temptation.

She says music means everything to her, saying: “I’ve loved music since before I was born. I remember when I would search, “I heard something like that,” or “I think the lyrics were like that,” sometimes I would find a song. That’s how I discovered the music of ABBA and Air Supply. This process is very interesting. On the other hand, I also write music and create sounds that don’t exist in the world, which is also fun.”

He admitted that he doesn’t listen to TXT songs: “It made me feel like I should start doing choreography. I’m always making or listening to music, but I like to separate my work and my leisure.”

When asked what her main source of joy these days is, she said it’s the other members: “These days, I think it’s the other members. Now, for seven years, we have been with each other almost every day, and sometimes we joke that we have had enough of each other. But even if we have days off, we still get together, eat and have fun.”

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