Prince Harry, Meghan wants to attend King Charles’s coronation ceremony to ‘make money behind’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of “trying to make everything about the royal family”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to spend time with “real royals” at the Coronation, according to TV presenter Piers Morgan.

Morgan also agreed with the palace’s decision not to invite Prince Archie and Princess Lilibeth to the coronation, saying they were “too young” to spend hours in Westminster Abbey.

“We used to watch Dallas and Dynasty in the UK and we’d think ‘these people are so funny, they’re rich, they’re entitled, they’re spoiled, there’s always drama’, and now we have royalty. family and that’s exactly what they’re doing,” Piers Morgan said on Fox News.

He continued: “I think we’re all a bit tired of the Meghan and Harry rodeo of trying to do everything the royals do, probably like you.

“Let’s face it, Archie is three and Lilybeth is one. They’re too young – four children, I’d estimate – to be watching a Coronation going on for hours at the Abbey. I think it’s too young. It’ll be funny to have them there.”

The former Good Morning Britain host also revealed that the California-based couple wanted to go to Coronation to “make money off the back”.

He said: “What we know about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is that they always want to spend more time with the real royals – the A-listers – so they can make money. We’ve seen it from a Netflix documentary, a book, and more. we saw through So I suspect Meghan and Harry want children of their own because it reflects their extended, famously rival royal family.”

According to Edward Coram-James, an expert on reputation and crisis management, Harry and Meghan should remain members of the royal family, not need the royal family. He believes the Sussexes would benefit from continuing to join the Firm.

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