‘Selfish’ Harry is more concerned with ‘monetizing his life’ then rebuilding relationship with William, Charles

Prince Harry has been called “selfish” for “monetizing his life” and has since struggled to repair strained relationships with his family, particularly his father King Charles and older brother Prince William.

Royal expert Tom Bower says the Duke of Sussex’s criticism of his family doesn’t understand the damage it’s causing, and even if he tried, it couldn’t be undone.

according to ExpressThe author of Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors also said it would be better if Harry and his wife Meghan Markle did not attend the coronation.

“It is too late for reconciliation,” he said. “There is no turning back.” Harry is definitely a very dull, crazy person who loves his life in California, and is so oblivious to the damage he’s done. .”

“The real curse of it all is that he doesn’t really realize how much he’s hurt himself because he’s so selfish and self-absorbed,” added the royal author.

“It’s amazing how blind someone can be to the consequences,” Bauer said.

Speaking about the California royal couple’s possible visit to the UK on May 6, the expert said: “It would be a shame if they attended because the focus will be on them, not the Coronation.”

“Their participation in the ceremony casts a shadow. It’s better that they don’t come,” Bauer noted.

“It wasn’t a good idea for them to be involved. They went so far, they were incredibly unfriendly.”

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