Ben Barnes Teases ‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2 as ‘Bad’

Ben Barnes Teases ‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2 as ‘Bad’

Opened by Ben Barnes Shadow and bone‘s antagonist, The Darkling, is thought to be ahead of the second season premiere.

talk to TVLinethe Narnia the actor weighed in on his character’s psyche that he felt “rejected and alone,” especially after Alina Starkov rejected his offer to make a joint decision.

“Even though he’s an evil, toxic, nasty person who’s been morphing throughout Season 2, he feels betrayed and abandoned and rejected and alone — and even his mother doesn’t love him at this point,” he added.

“He’s making up for himself, even if no one else can. In season one, she has all kinds of different weapons in terms of her army, her charm, and her manipulation skills.

In season two, all of that is out the window and he’s even angrier,” the actor said.

The synopsis for the new episode reads: “Alina is determined to bring down the Shadowfold and save Ravka from destruction. But this time, General Kirigan has a new army of seemingly indestructible shadowy monsters and the fearsome Grisha behind her.”

Even a few battle scars on his face could not stop this Darkling’s fury. To stand a chance against him, Alina and Mal must gather powerful new allies and embark on an overland journey to find two mythical creatures that will boost his powers.”

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