Billy Crystal’s 75th birthday remake of When Harry Met Sally was a hit.

Billy Crystal leans into the camera in a white knit sweater, blue jeans and sneakers, portraying a still from the classic 1989 romantic comedy Harry Met Sally opposite actress Meg Ryan. 75th anniversary of his birth.

The actor and comedian took to Twitter on Tuesday to share side-by-side pictures of the original and the recreation with the caption, “Thank you all,” which earned him a flurry of responses from social media users.

In response to Crystal’s tweet, Merriam-Webster’s official dictionary account said: “The icon | noun | a person or thing widely admired for having great influence or importance, especially on a particular sweater,” wrote actor Ben Stiller wished Crystal “much love and respect”,

“Finally, You’re My Age” wrote fellow actor and comedian Richard Lewis. “I’m so proud that we started our comedy journey together. I started reading your progress 17 weeks ago and I’m almost halfway there.”

Crystal later retweeted The fan, recreating another scene from the movie, slept in a sofa-like sweater and read Stephen King’s “Sadness.”

“Love this!” Crystal commented.

Actor too retweeted Happy birthday to my 1998 My Giant co-star Rick Overton. Overton wished Crystal a “Happy 3/4.”

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