How to make Maharashtrian style Anda Rassa (egg curry).

Anda Rassa is a popular egg dish in Maharashtra. Rich in protein, eggs are a great addition to any meal and can be cooked in countless ways beyond the classic omelet or omelette. One of the tastiest options is egg curry, which involves boiling eggs in a savory sauce or gravy. In Maharashtra, Anda Rassa is a comfort food favorite that stands out from other egg curry recipes thanks to the use of local spices and coconut. The dish gets its rich, aromatic flavor from a mixture of freshly ground masalas cooked with eggs to create a heavenly aroma. The specialty of the recipe is the use of a unique paste made from these masalas. Overall, Anda Rassa is a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy the incredible versatility of eggs.

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The dish gets its flavor from the freshly ground masala mixture.

How to make Maharashtrian style Anda Rassa (egg curry).

Basic steps:

Step 1: Boil 4-5 eggs. You can add eggs if you like.

Step 2: Make the masala paste.

Prepare the masala paste in advance to save time. Here’s how to do it.

1. Pour 1 tablespoon of oil into a pan and heat it over low heat. Add cinnamon stick or powder, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cloves, mace and cardamom. Fry until fragrant.

2. Now add chopped onion, ginger, garlic and a pinch of salt.

3. Fry until it changes color.

4. Add the dry grated coconut and stir until it turns a nice golden color.

5. Switch off the flame and add sesame seeds.

6. After the masala is cooked. Grind it in a blender and make a thick paste.

Second step:

The second step is to prepare Anda Rassa.

1. Heat oil in a pan and add turmeric and red pepper powder.

2. Now add the pre-prepared paste to the pan.

3. Mix well and sprinkle salt to taste.

4. When the masala releases the oil, consider it cooked.

5. Add the boiled egg to the masala and mix well. You can also use fried boiled eggs.

6. Pour some hot water. Make sure it is not too much as the curry should be a bit thick.

7. Close the lid and cook on medium heat for 5-10 minutes.

8. After cooking, mix the egg curry well. You can garnish it with fresh coriander or curry leaves.

Click here for complete recipe of Maharashtrian Anda Rassa.


Egg curry is a versatile dish with many health benefits.

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So what is the best combination with Rassa (egg curry)?

1. Rice

Enjoy a thick and rich egg curry with plain steamed rice. This is one of the most preferred combinations of Maharashtrians.

2. Roti

You can also have it with fluffy homemade rotis. Simply tear off a small piece of roti with a large chunk of egg topped with masaledaar curry.

3. Paratas

Buttery parathas are perfect for egg curry. This can easily be made at home with pre-made roti batter.

4. Pav

Pav naan is a light and easy combination. If you don’t feel like cooking any more, dip your pav into the curry and enjoy.

Health benefits of egg curry

Egg curry is a versatile dish with many health benefits. It is a nutritious cuisine as it is full of nutrients like proteins, calcium, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that are essential for overall human health. Eggs are also the only food source that naturally contains vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption and bone growth. Egg whites are an excellent source of high-quality protein because they contain essential amino acids needed by all age groups.

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