Indian Railways gets a budget of Rs 300 crore for development of Thrissur station with airport like infra | Railway news

Indian Railways is working to develop the railway network across the country. As part of this development, Thrissur Railway Station will be upgraded with a new design. On Wednesday, Railway Ministry Passenger Services Committee (PAC) chairman P.K. Krishnadas visited the Thrissur railway station and found that Rs 300 crore had been allocated to make it similar to an airport. P.K. Krishnadas visited the railway station to see the passenger amenities and other amenities there.

P.K. Krishnadas said, “300 crores have been sanctioned for the development of Thrissur railway station. This amount has been allocated for the development of an airport-like railway station. For the Guruvayur railway station, Rs 10 crore has also been allocated for the Amrit Nagaram station project.”

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“Upgradation of Thrissur railway station will be completed by 2025. 300 million tenge has been allocated for the project. This measure is taken keeping in mind the cultural heritage of Thrissur and the importance of Thrissur Puram. The railway station has many facilities including a supermarket and a leisure centre,” he added.

Informing that the 12-member Passenger Services Committee visited the Thrissur Railway Station to review the project, P.K. Krishnadas said, “Tender process for modernization of Ernakulam Kollam railway stations has been completed. 52 railway stations in India will be upgraded to airport status. ”

“Rs 12 crore has been sanctioned for the modernization of Guruvayur railway station. This amount is included in the Amritbharat station project and has been allocated for construction, platform roofing and other development activities,” he added.

(With inputs from ANI)

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