Latest petrol price in Pakistan from 16 March

A view of motorists queuing to fill petrol in front of a petrol pump in Rawalpindi on January 1, 2023. — Online

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan government on Wednesday hiked petrol prices by Rs 5 per litre. Before Ramadan — to further burden the people who are tired of inflation.

The finance department in its fortnightly bulletin gave the reason for the price hike Depreciation of Pakistani Rupee Against the US dollar and the price increase recorded by Platts Singapore.

“Accordingly, MS (Petrol) price has been increased by Rs 5 per liter and high speed diesel by Rs 13 per litre,” it said.

The increase in the price of kerosene was kept at Rs 2.56 by the government’s reduction in levies on it. Similarly, the price of light diesel oil has also been kept stable by adjusting government payments.

The new prices will be effective from 12.00 (today, March 16) and will remain until March 31.

Product Current prices wef
New prices
Gasoline 267 272 +5
High speed diesel 280 293 +13
Kerosene 187.73 190.29 +2.56
Light diesel oil 184.68 184.68 Zero

On February 28The federal government cut petrol prices by Rs 5 per liter to Rs 267 per liter in the next two weeks, somewhat against market expectations, as the government expected the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to raise interest rates — its loan is crucial for the cash-strapped country. .

However, as people struggle to make ends meet, rising fuel prices are expected to further fuel inflation in the coming Ramadan – already close to a 50-year high.

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