Meghan Markle has objected to her new plan

Meghan Markle has received fresh backlash for her and Prince Harry’s “weird” plans to relaunch her old lifestyle blog after a media blitz over the past year.

Sharing her thoughts on the Duke’s plans to revive her brand, Australian media writer Sophie Ellsworth criticized Meghan for her motivation to “make money by trashing the royal family”.

The media personality described Harry’s plans to redevelop his wife’s old block as “worrying”.

Ellsworth said on Wednesday night that the speculation might “raise eyebrows” given Meghan and Prince Harry’s feud with the royal family.

“I think it’s a real concern if he comes back that way because goodness knows what he’s going to say to trash the royal family,” he told Sky News Australia’s Andrew Bolt.

Ellsworth claimed Meghan and Harry’s aim was to “make money by destroying the royal family”.

“That’s how they’ve been working since they were shot and moved abroad,” he added.

“They should continue the financial model they have effectively created,” says the journalist.

He continued, “People lose interest in what they have to say because we’ve heard it at least 100 times before.”

“They don’t like the royal family and they wish they were never part of it, but they still want to be part of it, weirdly.”

The writer described it in his own words: “From my point of view, everything is strange.”

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