Oscar’s James Cameron rebutted, Jimmy Kimmel responds

Oscar’s James Cameron rebutted, Jimmy Kimmel responds

In his monologue, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned the reasons why James Cameron did not come to the Oscars.

The night host noted Titanic’s The director’s upset over the directing nomination at the Oscars may have been the reason for his absence.

“Some stupid people say James Cameron isn’t here because he didn’t win Best Director,” added the late-night host.

“I find it hard to believe such a humble man, but he has a point. I mean, how could the Academy not nominate the guy who made Avatar?

Do they think she’s a woman?’ referring to the zero female directors in the director category.

according to Diversityproducer Jon Landau revealed “personal reasons” forced the critically-acclaimed director to skip the event.

Avatar: The Waterway It was nominated in several categories, including Best Film, Best Achievement in Production Design, Best Achievement in Visual Effects, and Best Sound.

“I felt like the king of the world,” Cameron had previously said in his 1998 Oscar acceptance speech for Titanic.

talk to the hollywood reporter the Avatar The filmmaker said he looked at host Warren Beatty’s face backstage and immediately realized he had made a blunder.

“I’ll be clear when I first realized this [was going to be a problem]: When I’m walking backstage, Warren Beatty’s face says, “What did you just do?”

He just looked at me and said, “Hey poor thing, what did you just do? I went, “Wow, isn’t that great? OK.’ I mean, I analyzed it. My wife at the time, Linda [Hamilton], said, “If you’re going to quote a line from a movie, quote it passionately.” I’m like, ‘Well, I can do that.'”

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