Prince Harry poses a ‘bigger threat’ to King Charles’ succession than Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is said to be a “bigger threat” to his father King Charles’ coronation than his wife Meghan Markle because she has “kept her mouth shut lately”.

talk to Express, According to royal expert Nigel Cawthorne, the presence or absence of the Duke of Sussex at the upcoming historic event will both draw attention away from the coronation.

“Meghan, thankfully, has kept her mouth shut of late. Harry wants an apology that puts the coronation at greater risk,” the author wrote. Prince Andrew, Maxwell and Castle said.

“But Charles knows he can’t apologize to people – it’s ridiculous. It’s far below a king to do that,” she added.

He said the royal couple, who live in California, may announce their decision on their visit to the UK on May 6.

“I’m not sure, to be honest. Sussex generally tend to take the initiative with these things. They’re on the agenda,” he said.

The pundit was then asked what their agenda was, and he said, “It’s self-aggrandizing, of course. They are increasing it as much as possible,” he answered.

“With everything [Coronation] Call and Netflix in the US, they’re just feeding their profile,” he said.

The expert continued: “The longer they are, the more ‘are they?’ [discussion continues] more attention is paid to them. It goes hand in hand – the higher their profile, the more they can use it in the US.”

Cawthorne said that while Harry posed a serious threat to the Coronation, Charles “under no circumstances” could do anything to control the situation.

“He just needs to wear a fancy hat on his head. He can’t have bodyguards with spikes pointing at Harry and Meghan!” he said jokingly.

“By being there, Harry will get Charles’s attention. And if she doesn’t come, she’ll get Charles’s attention.

“Maybe the pictures of him walking around Los Angeles look sloppy. This is a loss for Charles.

“He seemed upset that he was not allowed to wear his Order of the Garter or his army uniform,” he added. “He should be protesting naked outside Westminster Abbey instead!”

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