Ratna Pathak Shah on the changing dynamics of the film industry: ‘I love this shuffle’

Ratna Pathak Shah is known for movies like Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Golmaal 3, Khoobsurat and many more.

Ratna Pathak Shah shares her take on the changing nature of the film industry, says she likes to mix.

Times have changed for the better in the film industry for Ratna. It has been prolific for actors of all ages and genders.

In a recent interview, she said: “Of course, it’s easier for women my age to get a job. I don’t believe in the type of work done around the actor. I don’t find it very interesting, to be honest, because when you focus on the actor rather than the story, you’re limited by the character of the actor. I don’t get a chance to test myself. It’s a great time for non-binary actors of all ages and genders.”

“Suddenly the world is interested in how you live your life. I love this mix. Shall we continue like this? We will see. God knows. I have hope too. But we have moved forward in this direction and there is no turning back. Ab dobara woh saddi hui formula wali filmein nahi suna payenge. Shukr hai”.

Ratna Pathak Shah is an important name in the film industry. He has been a part of several famous films; Hoobsurat, Golmaal 3, Kapoor and Sons, Jaan Tu Ya Jaane and many other reports To install Pinkvilla.

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