Adam Brody will do the “OK” revival with only one condition

Adam Brody will do the “OK” revival with only one condition

Adam Brody is wearing tights and a cape for his comeback Shazam! franchise in the sequel Shazam! Wrath of the Gods.

43, who starred as Seth Cohen on the Fox TV series OC He thought about whether he would play the character again.

“I’m really excited to start this journey, I’m really excited to see people enjoying it,” Adam said exclusively. AND! News.

“It was a perfect fit for me and the character because I really resonated with the writers.”

“Like a really inspired idea if there’s a reason?” Shazam! admitted. “Other than that, it’s impossible. No. “And by ‘inspired idea’ I mean lots and lots of money.”

Brody has previously spoken out against the idea:

“I don’t think it’s possible to do that because I feel like we’re in a different place socially,” she said on the Welcome to the OC, Bitches podcast in October 2021. “I think we’re here. a more sensible place”.

The actor further said:

“I feel OCeven though she claims it’s in the same vein as Gossip Girl , even though she says it’s a criticism, it’s not,” Adam continued.

“I think it’s a celebration of wealth. It obviously has lovely people at its heart. It’s also at the core of family. There are people who love each other, care for each other. Make sacrifices for each other. So it’s not just a celebration of money. It’s a celebration of love and romance and being in high school.”

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