‘Ant-Man 3’ Writer Speaks Out Against Marvel Phases

‘Ant-Man 3’ Writer Speaks Out Against Marvel Phases

Ant-Man 3 screenwriter Jeff Loveness reviewed several stages of the superhero franchise.

talk to Gizmodothe Ant-Man 3 writer: “I saw it as a film. I am not part of an inner cabal [of Marvel] this is found under the Vatican or elsewhere [laughs]. I’m not part of the Volturi vampire enclave or anything.

“I was just trying to look at it like, ‘Hey, you have an opportunity to write a really fun adventure comedy movie with a compelling villain played by the best actor in the world right now.’

I think when you start looking down the road, you’re in trouble. So I tried to build some train tracks, but the job for me was to make Kang the Conqueror attractive and make this movie interesting and move it along.” He added; “I don’t know what stage we’re at.”

He continued, “I’ve heard the term ‘fifth stage’ a lot in the last couple of months [the entire time making the movie.] [Laughs] No, I think it’s the most important thing for the Internet. For example, there are 30 Marvel movies. You want them to join. You want to move them to the next stage, which is the beginning of it. We have a plan and it’s going to be a lot of fun with the Avengers.”

The 33-year-old also said SlashFilmhe said he “couldn’t care less about what stage we’re in” as he focused on giving fans the “fun family adventure comedy” they want to see in theaters.

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