Constipated on vacation? These tips will help you get rid of poop

A beautiful, relaxing vacation is always on our mind, especially when we are busy with countless daily tasks without rest. Don’t we jump at the chance to escape the daily grind for just a little bit? Finally, while our hearts are happy and our minds are happy when we fly, our bodies? Not always. Many of us face the problem of constipation while traveling. Usually it happens because our body is out of order. We don’t want to sit in the pot for too long, wasting time to relax and see new places, do we? Let’s not forget the restlessness that endures throughout the day. Fortunately, there are easy ways to combat this problem.

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These tips are posted on the Instagram page “”. A nutritionist shares some simple ways to prevent and manage stomach aches while traveling. Fight constipation and loose stools easily with these tips.

4 tips for dealing with constipation while traveling:

1. Moisturize and hydrate

We know that eating more fiber loosens the stool and makes it easier to pass. The same logic applies during vacations, just follow religiously. The nutritionist explains that “when you’re properly hydrated, your body doesn’t need to take extra water from the colon, which means there’s no stress on your intestines.”

2. The gorge in the seed

Yes, the seeds help with bowel movements. And the fact that they are easy to carry makes the job easier. Focus on consuming a handful of flax and chia seeds each day. They can be taken as is and can be added to detox water or added to foods such as desserts and salads. “Seeds are a rich source of soluble fiber that dissolves in water, making stools softer and easier to pass,” Lovenet says.

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3. Avoid caffeine

We know it’s hard to ignore coffee, tea, and especially alcohol on vacation. But you also need to get rid of the discomfort of constipation, right? Caffeinated drinks and alcohol dehydrate you, which is the main cause of constipation.

4. Add fiber to your diet

“Dietary fiber increases the weight and size of the stool and softens it,” says the nutritionist. Bulky stools pass more easily, which reduces the risk of constipation. Eating foods rich in fiber is a good way to keep your stomach clean. Prunes are great laxatives because they are rich in sorbitol, which increases the volume of stool. Other good options are raisins, dried apricots, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Enjoy your hard-earned vacation without having to make multiple trips to the bathroom.

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