‘Dune 2’ dives into different worlds: Jacqueline West

‘Dune 2’ dives into different worlds: Jacqueline West

Dune Costume designer Jacqueline West revealed that the highly anticipated sequel will explore multiple worlds.

talk to The term of, West said, “In the second installment, you really dive into the different worlds of Dune. We get to see what the Emperor’s world looks like. We’re going to his planet.”

He continued, “We spend a lot of time on Gidi Prime, the Harkonnen planet. We spend most of our time in the world of Stellan Skarsgård (Vladimir Harkonnen). Fade-Routha (Harkonnen) was also played by Austin Butler, Elvis. He’s really great here.”

“All worlds expand. It was about creating three separate, different-looking worlds, and also revisiting the Bene Gesserites, who had become obsolete with these costumes that looked like Egyptian mummies. I think it’s visually stunning, the sets, the cinematography and the concepts,” West added.

In other news, Dun: Sisters another setback occurred when the director and one of his actors left the show.

Appropriate The term ofShirley Henderson, who directed the Tula Harkonnen essay, and Johan Renck, who was attached to direct the first two episodes, left the series due to “creative changes”.

A spokesperson for HBO Max said: “As Dune: Sisters goes on a pre-planned hiatus, some creative changes are being made to the production to make the best of the series and stay true to the source material.”

“Johann Renk has ended his work on the series and a new director will be appointed; by mutual agreement, Johan will continue with other projects. In addition, Shirley Henderson will leave the series and will no longer play Thula Harkonnen. .

The report said Renk’s “authorial vision” conflicted with HBO Max’s vision for the show.

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