Kitchen Tips: 5 Knives Every Kitchen Should Have

One of the most commonly used kitchen tools is a knife. It’s an essential cooking tool for completing the first step of any meal, which is slicing and slicing. From chopping onions to slicing meat, understanding how to use the right knife is essential. Most of us use one kitchen knife for practically every task, including spreading butter, cutting bread, and even slicing meat properly. However, using the right knife can have a significant impact on the quality of your food. Whether you’re a beginner cook or looking to improve your knife skills, read on to discover five different types of knives you should have in your kitchen.

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Here are 5 knives every kitchen should have:

1. Chef’s knife

A classic chef’s knife is the most important knife in your collection. It is used for most everyday kitchen tasks such as cutting fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. The two most common types of Western chef’s knives are the French and German blade shapes.

Size: 8 inches

A chef’s knife is larger than other knives. Photo Credit: isstock

2. Cutting knife

A paring knife is a multi-purpose knife with a small size and a slightly curved blade that is best used for slicing and chopping food. It is usually suitable for chopping and mincing garlic and finely peeling fruits and vegetables.

Size: 3-4 inches


Cut your bread with a knife. Photo credit: isstock

3. Bone knife

A boning knife is a sleek, stylish knife that is considered the best knife for cutting or dicing fish and meat of any size. However, if you want to cut the meat with the bones, then this knife is not recommended, as it is usually used to cut the meat around the bones.

Size: 5-7 inches

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4. Serrated knife

Also known as bread knives, serrated knives are long and often used to cut bread. With this knife, you can easily cut small slices of bread such as sourdough, focaccia, baguette and baguette.

Size: 7 inches

5. Fat knife

A butter knife has a rounded tip to prevent it from tearing when buttering the bread. They are also known as butter spreaders and are usually thicker and heavier than other knives.


Butter knives are good for spreading butter on bread. Photo credit: isstock

Size: 5-7 inches

Although there are many different types of knives on the market, these are some basic knives that you should have in your kitchen.

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