Kumar Sanu Doesn’t Like Listening To Latest Hindi Music: Why?

Kumar Sanu: “There are many hurdles in releasing songs today”

Kumar Sanu makes a big comment about the kind of music being made in the film industry and also reveals that he doesn’t like listening to them.

In a recent interview, Kumar was asked what kind of music he likes. However, while answering this question, he also revealed songs that he did not like to listen to.

He added, “I listen to old Lata ji songs, Kishore Kumar, Rafi songs. I avoid listening to my own songs. I also listen to English songs but no Hindi music these days. They’re not even worth listening to, so I don’t listen and I don’t know much about it.”

Yes The singer shared that over the years, the style of music has changed dramatically.

Sanu said, “Nowadays, be it an actor, producer, financier or director, everyone has involvement. They say to the musician: “You sing, we will do the rest.” But it was not like that before. That’s why we would never exchange letters with the actor, there would be no discussion with them about how to sing the song.”

according to News18, The singer concluded by saying, “If Nadeem-Shravan composes music, it will be good, if Kumar Sanu sings, he will do well. That belief no longer exists. Today, 8-10 singers sing one song, and he does not even know which version is preserved and which one is better. In such a situation, it is very difficult to recognize yourself as a singer.”

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