Oscar producer and Jimmy Kimmel’s wife explains Andrew Garfield’s ‘viral’ reaction at the ceremony.

Andrew Garfield went viral for his reaction to Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel’s joke. Tick, tick… Boom! The actor, who received a belated standing ovation from the audience, also received love on social media.

Molly McNearney, producer of the 95th Academy Awards and Kimmel’s wife, explained Garfield’s viral reaction and revealed that he was aware of the moment before the ceremony aired with other stars.

During the star-studded event on Sunday (March 12), the host was to avoid a repeat of last year’s slapstick as he assembled a crack gang to prevent such “violence”.

“You have to fight Michelle Yeoh before you come to me,” he said, listing Michael B Jordan, Steve Spielberg and Pedro Pascal.

Kimmel: “You gotta hang out with Spider-Man!” As he said, the camera panned to Garfield, who was laughing awkwardly in his seat.

The audience was also confused and applauded afterwards because they thought Tom Holland would be on screen opposite Garfield.

McNearney revealed all the actors who have now been name-checked and have been briefed before the ceremony.

Speaking to Variety , McNearney said: “I went to Michelle, Michael, Pedro, Andrew, Steven Spielberg and before the show started we told them, ‘you’re going to be on camera.’ Jimmy names you as part of his security team. If you can give him some kind of physical support or punch him.”

“All the stars were game and very supportive, but Garfield made his choice when he was asked if he would do Spider-Man’s web.”

McNearney described Garfield’s decision as “even better.”

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