Prince William says his mother Princess Diana is disappointed: Here’s why

Prince William, who like his mother has long struggled with homelessness, said he was “disappointed” that Princess Diana had not made progress in tackling homelessness.

The Prince of Wales made the announcement as he spoke to Nell and Miles, who have experienced homelessness and received help through the Groundswell charity, which empowers people experiencing homelessness to make decisions and move on for the benefit of the whole community.

King Charles III’s eldest son believes his late mother Princess Diana is frustrated by the lack of progress in tackling homelessness.

Kate Middleton’s husband was introduced to the plight of rough sleepers and other homeless people by Diana, who took him and his brother Prince Harry to shelters, and he has been a long-time campaigner on the issue.

“My mum introduced me to the cause of homelessness from a young age and I’m so glad she did,” Prince William said in the new video. “I think he’s going to be disappointed that we’re not more advanced in terms of dealing with homelessness and preventing it than when he was interested and involved.”

The video was produced by Comic Relief and will be shown in full during this Friday’s telethon. The clip, released on Wednesday, sees William visiting a charity called Groundswell, which supports Comic Relief, and recording a podcast as part of Groundswell’s Listen Up programme. Project.

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