What career options do you have after 12th

Choosing a profession should be the decision of both parents and children.

With 8,60,000 job vacancies, LinkedIn claims that the digital marketing specialist position is one of the 10 most in-demand positions.

After passing 12th grade, we all ask our parents “now what?” faced with the question, for each of us it was a mystery with different trends and career paths. Ideally, choosing a profession should be a decision for both of us. parent and child. It should include passion, money and the prospect of the path. With the growth of technology-based jobs, it is important to choose a career with a bright future. If you are looking for such paths, then you have it. landed in the right place. Let’s take a look at the top 3 career options you can choose after passing 12th:

Video editor

Video editing is a profession that combines technology with artistry to enhance the impact of moving images. There are many jobs in this diverse sector such as content developers, film editors, video content developers, multimedia designers, broadcast engineers and animators.

A strong portfolio of work can match a variety of video editing jobs, as it’s one of those professions that typically emphasizes experience or proven ability over academic credentials. Alternatively, you can get a certificate in film editing.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a form of advertising in which companies use online channels such as social media, email, blogs, and digital advertising to promote their goods and services. Building a digital footprint and creating targeted campaigns are two parts of the process. A digital marketing manager is constantly monitoring trends to determine how they affect discoverability.

Although traditional marketing is still effective, digital marketing is fast replacing it because it is affordable and has better analytics. With 8,60,000 job vacancies, LinkedIn claims that the digital marketing specialist position is one of the 10 most in-demand positions. Social media, content planning, SEO, analytics and other aspects of digital marketing are among the skills in demand.

Cyber ​​Security Engineer

Cyber ​​security engineers are also called information security engineers. Their primary goal is to identify threats and vulnerabilities in systems and software, and then use their skills to develop and implement high-tech solutions to protect against hacking, malware and ransomware, insider threats, and all forms of cybercrime. A cybersecurity engineer often acts as a team member to consult on security guidelines and regulations. Financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and retail are some of the best sectors for cybersecurity job prospects. As the world goes digital, cybersecurity engineers have the potential to become some of the highest paid people in the world.

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