Actress Emma Myers turns another actor into a Seventeen fan

The pair can be seen dancing together for Fighting Challenge

Emma Myers from the popular TV series Wednesday turned another actress into a fan of K-pop group Seventeen. The actress is a famous Hollywood star Jennifer Garner.

The two are starring in a film together and recently trended all over social media thanks to their video. The young actress seems to have taught Jennifer a lesson Battle Dance by Seventeen’s BSS division.

The pair can be seen dancing together Battle Jennifer follows the challenge of Emma’s moves. Fans were delighted that he managed to turn one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood into a Seventeen fan.

The two are all set to star in a Netflix movie Go away With Ed Helms. Netflix also provided a synopsis for the film:

In the new Netflix comedy Family Vacation, four members of the Walker family undergo a classic awkward Freaky Friday-style body swap thanks to an ill-timed visit to an astrological reader. In order to return to their bodies, parents and children must learn to truly relate and understand each other. It’s not easy, especially in a busy day filled with college interviews, football tryouts and other life-changing events.”

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