Brendan Fraser to reunite with ‘The Mummy Returns’ co-star Dwayne Johnson at 2023 Oscars

Newly crowned Oscar winner Brendan Fraser had a sweet date with her The mummy is coming back co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the 95th Academy Awards this past weekend.

Dwayne, also known as The Rock, 50, uploaded a sweet clip of the Oscars reunion to his Instagram account on Thursday, and fans can’t stop listening.

For those who don’t know, Rock and Frazier starred together in the 2001 adventure film. The mummy is coming backthis was Dwayne’s first film role.

The Red message The actor shared the video: “A really cool full-circle moment here with my long-time friend Brendan Fraser and his boys.”

“My first film in Hollywood was Brendan’s THE MUMMY WALKS,” he wrote.

“Many critics and naysayers were betting against me at the time, but Brendan welcomed me with open arms and was very supportive,” she wrote, adding, “I will never forget kind people.”

The Jungle Cruise the actor ended his post by saying, “Now years later, Brendan won an Oscar for BEST ACTOR for Whale, and I’m famous for wearing a nape.

“Congratulations bro, enjoy your flowers.”

Fans flooded the post with loving comments about the famous duo. “THE MUMMY is the best piece of cinematography in human history,” wrote one netizen.

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