King Charles does not want to leave his brother Prince Andrew “penniless”.

King Charles is expected to give Prince Andrew a home to live in amid rumors he will be kicked out of the Royal Lodge because he won’t leave his brother ‘homeless’.

Royal expert Rebecca English says that while Charles may not want to leave the Duke of York “penniless”, the siblings could be fighting over Queen Elizabeth’s £650 million inheritance.

“I was strongly guided that Andrew would not be homeless, penniless, he was [the King’s] brother at the end of the day,” he said Secret Palace.

“But what the king thinks is a fair decision and what Andrew thinks is a fair decision may not be the same,” the expert added.

Earlier, it was revealed that Andrew was in “desperation” after Charles handed over his late mother’s huge fortune.

A close friend of Andrew’s told The Sun: “Andrew is desperate. He is completely in the dark. ‘Andrew is family for God’s sake but he didn’t know this was going to happen.’

“I think he checked it out and it’s true. It all went ‘monarch to monarch,'” the insider said. “What did he want to do? Take a hat to his big brother to keep a roof over his head?”

“The situation is getting worse. It’s a disaster.”

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