Meghan Markle talks about Archie’s eating lifestyle “in his footsteps”.

Meghan Markle has just revealed her son’s interest in becoming a caterer and following in her footsteps.

Herzog started talking about food on the latest episode of the Archetypes podcast.

In it, she admitted, “Thanks, my kids love vegetables.”

The Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary also featured a small clip showing Archie’s love of cooking.

The clip shows her cooking in the kitchen with Meghan’s niece Ashley Hale.

News of Meghan Markle’s contribution to the cookbook was even shared on Archwell’s website, which reads: “This weekend, long-time friend and partner of the Archwell Foundation, Chef José Andrés, announced the upcoming release of The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding, Feeding Humanity. Hope’.

“The cookbook is a collection of stories and recipes from celebrity chefs, local chefs, and friends of global nonprofits who feed communities affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises.”

“All proceeds from the author support WCK’s emergency response and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is proud to have contributed to the recipe.”

“In March 2021, the Duchess sent the lemon olive oil cake featured in the book to a group of women restaurateurs partnering with WCK to provide food to their community during the pandemic.”

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