Nicola Peltz says Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding day was chaotic

Nicola Peltz says Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding day was chaotic

Nicola Peltz says she was afraid Brooklyn Beckham wouldn’t marry her on her wedding day.

The son of the former legendary football player David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham were sending messages on the phone Transformers the actor panicked and asked her if she would walk down the aisle.

in an interview Cosmopolitan magazineThe billionaire heiress recalled her wedding day, when she ate while fearing her husband would be a no-show.

“Last year, we had one night together the night before the wedding,” she said. “We were terrified. On the day of the wedding, he texted me, “Are you walking down the aisle? Are you walking down the hall?’

She said she was busy taking pictures in her beautiful Valentino dress and couldn’t check her cell phone.

Peltz checked her messages after taking the photo and realized she was late for the big day, much to Beckham’s dismay.

“I thought, ‘I have to walk down the aisle.’ Brooklyn: “What are you doing? Are you ready?’ I said, “Yeah, I’m going down. Do not worry. I love you,” he added.

Elsewhere in the interview, though the Peltzes are on good terms, they also bicker with each other like a normal couple.

“Every relationship has disagreements. No relationship is perfect. And when you’re close to someone and they know everything about you, disagreements are bound to happen,” Peltz explained.

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