On World Sleep Day, this Bengaluru firm is giving its employees the ‘gift of sleep’ | Company news

New Delhi: In an effort to encourage wellness practices among its employees, a Bengaluru-based business has announced an extra day off for its employees today, March 17, on the occasion of World Sleep Day. On LinkedIn, Wakefit Solutions, a D2C home and sleep solutions company known for home furnishings, posted a screenshot of an email sent to every employee. “Surprise Holiday: Introducing the Gift of Sleep,” reads the title of the letter.

“We are pleased to announce that Wakefit will celebrate World Sleep Day on Friday, March 17 as an additional holiday for all of its employees,” the home solutions provider said in an unannounced email. We consider sleep day a holiday because we love to sleep in, especially on Fridays! In the HR portal, you can apply for this leave like any other leave. (Also Read: This LIC Scheme Expires On March 31: Check Refund Calculator, More Details)

“Drowsiness during work hours has increased by 21 percent since 2022, and the number of people waking up tired has increased by 11 percent, according to the sixth edition of India’s Great Indian Sleep Index. What better way to honor a day of sleep in the midst of the spread. Losing sleep than giving the gift of sleep? email in full was read.

World Sleep Day, which takes place every year on the third Friday of March, aims to raise awareness about the value of getting enough sleep and the problems associated with getting enough sleep. Sustained productivity is ensured by adequate sleep, which also improves concentration and motivation.

The company announced a sleep break for its employees. Wakefit Solutions introduced the Right to Nap policy last May, allowing workers to take a 30-minute nap while on the job.

According to director and founder Chaitanya Ramalingowda, the official sleep time for Wakefit employees is 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM to get a good break. He said the company aims to build comfortable sleeping areas and quiet zones in the workplace. The decision was well received by the workforce and was widely publicized on social media.

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