Oscar winning ‘Natu Natu’ singer Kaala Bhairava struck a special note after her big win

Kaala Bhairava sang ‘Natu Natu’ with Rahul Sipligunj

Natu Natu singer Kaala Bhairava gets emotional after the movie RRR Won the 2023 Oscar.

He wrote a note thanking his family and friends for their constant support and encouragement. He further credits director SS Rajamouli, father and music composer MM Keravani and others for this achievement.

Kaala shared the post on Twitter with the caption, “Something I wanted to share with you all.”

The post reads: “I am extremely grateful to have the incredible opportunity to represent the RRR team and perform at the Oscars for Best Original Song. In this post, I would like to share with you that it is only thanks to a few people. , directly or indirectly, but “totally” was the reason I got this priceless opportunity, and how I personally feel I deserve it!

Born The singer paid special tribute to Rajamouli, Keravani, choreographer Prem Rakshit, brother, mother and aunt.

“Because of their hard work and skill, the song reached all over the world and made people dance globally, so I took this opportunity.”

In conclusion, he wrote, “I can and will never forget that without them I would not have had the opportunity to have such a wonderful experience. I’m happy to be given this credit because it’s really 100 percent their work.”

Born It won the Best Original Song award at the 5th Academy Awards, reports Indiatoday.

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