King Charles has warned of a “catastrophic” situation ahead of his coronation

King Charles III, who will be officially crowned in May, has been advised to distance himself from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

A royal biographer said the row between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the royal family “marked a very dangerous period in royal history which, if not handled properly, could have been disastrous”.

Andrew Lowney, author of the 2021 book The Traitor King: The Scandalous Exile of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, has argued that the royal family should distance themselves from the couple until the wounds truly heal following Meghan’s allegations against the palace.

In an interview with Express UK, Lowney said: “You have to reduce the stress. “The only solution is to stop the Sussexes.”

“There have been setbacks unprecedented in royal history and she survived – abdication, 1992 ‘annus horribilis’, Panorama interview (with Princess Diana), but here is what senior members of the royal family are trying to destroy (or so they say). reform) of the institution itself, the author added.

There is also speculation that Harry and Meghan may ‘miss’ the famous Met Gala as the couple’s ‘family drama’ takes hold. The event will take place five days before King Charles’ coronation in London on May 1.

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