Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘can’t compare’ to A-listers: ‘Poorest at every table’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have warned their declining popularity is bad news as they are the “poorest people” at every table in Hollywood.

Commentator and author Daniela Elser published this statement in her article Herald of New Zealand.

The author began by revealing the truth behind the NetJet lifestyle and how Meghan Markle “and Harry will have to work out a way to make much, much more money for such a lavish lifestyle.”

“Take their reported US$100 million (*A146 million) Netflix deal,” Ms Elser added.

“Not bad for a man who’s never had to sit down for a job interview in his life and a woman who, according to Finding Freedom, ‘takes the occasional paparazzi photo’.”

“But this figure may include the cost of their production staff and production costs; moreover, it is unlikely that they will receive the full amount upfront, and it may be repaid after each project.”

“We’re not talking about ‘going out and buying Gulfstream cash.'”

In the piece, Ms. Elser added, “It’s not just about how much money they’re making, but how much that amount matches what their new best friends are saving.”

“Harry and Meghan, even if they’re paid every dollar of what each deal is worth, will still be the poorest people around the table the next time this A+ list gang gathers for Saturday night parchi and vintage Pouille-Fumet.”

“Making this even worse is the fact that Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series and the release of her memoir Spare have had disastrous consequences for their approval ratings.”

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