Taylor Swift Eras Tour: Night 1 Set List, Costumes & Recaps


GLENDALE, ARIZ. — Taylor Swift hasn’t toured in five years, so there’s been a lot of questions about her new Eras tour, but mainly this: If this is really a celebration of all her musical eras, past and present, how could she possibly fit 10 albums? The cost of songs in a standard concert set of about two hours?

During Friday’s opening night show, Swift told the nearly 70,000 people at State Farm Stadium: She’s playing three hour. (Technically, about 3 hours and 10 minutes, because he broke his albums into short segments and played full or shortened versions of more than 40 songs.)

Here’s the complete setlist for the show, after causing a complete meltdown on Ticketmaster.

The Age of Lovers (2019)

1) “Miss Americana and the Heartbroken Prince”

Although it’s an album cut that won’t get much attention among fans, it does have a great line for the first song: “It’s been a long time coming.” Elevated dancers hoisted huge pastel-colored parachutes and floated together in a circle, revealing Swift center stage before raising the curtain, where she wore an array of sparkly bodysuits and bejeweled knee-high boots. the course of the evening.

This great pop track was supposed to become a summer track by 2020. Fans have been obsessed with it ever since, even though it never became a radio single and Swift never performed it live. Looking around the stadium, several people were seen crying.

Superstar Taylor Swift’s music is a treasure trove of hidden meanings tied to her love of digital symbolism — and her tenth album, Midnight, is no different. (Video: Ellie Karen/Washington Post, Photo: Sarah Hashemi/Washington Post)

Dressed in a business-casual professional sequined blazer, the set turned into an awkward office space that resembled a music video, as she sang about how people would take her a lot more seriously if she were a guy.

4) “You need to calm down”

The single and music video, celebrating gay rights and ignoring the haters, were somewhat controversial and led to debate over whether Swift focused too much on the song about being an ally. But Swift still delivered a few lines, including the much-discussed lyric: “Shadow never made anybody less gay!”

The audience roared as Swift strummed her guitar and explained to the crowd that she was about to embark on an adventure in the 17th year of her career – and despite the fact that there would be plenty of breakup material, it was a “good old” one. – a fashionable love song.

Swift walked slowly down the giant catwalk that led her to the center of the stadium, a soaring ballad with lyrics about her insecurities, the last song of this era.

The Fearless Era (2008)

As gold sparkles rained down, Swift quickly returned to her acclaimed country album in a gold-trimmed dress and boots that defined her style in her early Nashville days.

8) “You Belong to Me”

It was pandemonium when Swift released one of her first country singles to become an international hit. Many lost it for the famous tale of a high school love triangle, especially with the signature line: “She wears a short skirt, I wear a T-shirt / She’s the cheerleader and I’m in the stands.”

It is known that this is included. Swift’s career-spanning song, romanticizing the idea of ​​happy love stories, ended the second leg of the concert.

Age of Evermore (2020)

10) ‘Tis the Season of Cursing

In Swifties, “Evermore” is the “forgotten child” – it never got the same attention as its sister pandemonium album (and Grammy album of the year) “Folklore”. But Swift jokingly insisted on stage that “Evermore” is “an album that I absolutely love, despite what some of you say on TikTok.” She wore a burnt orange gold fall dress and kicked things off with a song about hooking up with an ex over the holidays.

Swift donned an emerald outfit for her version of the album’s opening track, “Dancing Witch,” surrounded by backup dancers holding glitter balls.

She slows things down with an emotional ballad about her late grandmother, opera singer Marjorie Finlay, whom Swift frequently invokes in interviews when asked if singing runs in her family.

13) “Champagne Problems”

TikTok users are begging Swift to add it to the list so they can hear the crowd’s favorite song in the stadium: “He would make such a lovely bride, what a shame on his head.” He entertained them as he sat at the moss-covered piano.

A soulful ballad about falling in love with someone who just puts up with you, Swift showed off some acting skills as she sat across the table from one of her backup dancers and acted like she wanted for nothing. do with it.

The Reputation Era (2017)

15) “… Are you ready for it?”

Swift released “Reputation” after the biggest backlash of her career, her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, who called Swift a “snake.” At the time, people were shocked by the image of Swift at her album launch, glowing, mad, and wearing black lipstick. It caused some controversy at the time, but many fans have decided that the album, which begins with this bass-heavy track, is one of his best. Of course, Swift wore a one-legged snake ensemble.

Fans were eager to hear this sleeper hit because the singer had one of his inexplicable inside jokes; At one point in the song, when he pauses, people chant “1, 2, 3, let’s go b—-!” likes to shout. Indeed, they screamed here.

17) “Don’t Blame Me”

It’s a powerhouse where Swift can show off her vocals in a way that shuts down critics who still believe she can’t sing.

18) “Look What You Made Me Do”

The music video for that single was basically a mini Eras tour—with Swift dressing up in different versions of herself and making fun of the bad things people said about her. This time, a slightly creepy display featured dozens of Swifts and backup dancers dressed as if they were caught in boxes.

The Speak Now Era (2010)

Quick conspiracy theorists, speak up now – why did he only include one song from his third album? And just cut the album? Swift stayed true to the era with plenty of glitz and drama, wearing a beautiful gown for this shortest era of the night.

Swift just turned 33, but she recalls being “happy, free, confused and lonely all at the same time” in her early 20s. She wore a twist on her famous t-shirt in the music video, which reads, “Not much going on right now.”

21) “We’re Never Going Back”

Swift let one of her dancers deliver the two words at the end of the bridge, about how she and her paramour have never, ever gotten back together: “Always.”

22) “I Knew You Were Troubled”

Swift only played a shortened version of this one, but it’s important to include your first dubstep song on a tour that’s reminiscent of your musical era.

23) “It’s All Right (10 Minute Version)”

Swift has been re-recording her first six albums since falling out with her former Nashville record label, which included a revamped version of the critical and fan favorite “All Too Well.” Swift, decked out in a gorgeous red jacket, has done it live a few times before, including on SNL, to the tune of an estimated 70,000 people chanting, “YOU CALLED ME AGAIN TO BREAK MY PROMISE YOU’RE SO CRUEL!” OF BEING BEING” was something else.

Age of Folklore (2020)

24) “Invisible Road”

Dressed in an ethereal pink dress, Swift sat at the top of the small booth. It was the perfect visual to kick off the part of the show for his cottage album and this dreamy song about the ease of finding a soulmate.

Swift noted that her albums are usually “falsely autobiographical,” so it was interesting to create characters on “Folklore” – and it includes her favorite song genre, in which she teaches men to apologize for behaving badly.

26) “The Last Great American Dynasty”

Based on the life of heiress Rebekah Harkness, whose dancers throw wild parties at her Rhode Island beach house and drive the neighbors crazy, this story is like a ball scene out of “Bridgerton.”

It was a real screamer – a song about a couple of teenagers having a summer vacation with the audience – made difficult by the fact that the boy already had a girlfriend. This immediately led to…

28) “Illegal affairs”

… a painful ballad of a woman tired of being a mistress. At the end of it, Swift fell to the floor.

29) “My Tears”

Perhaps the most solemn moment of the night came in one of the slowest and most melancholy tracks on “Folklore”.

Swift rose from the floor and returned to a small booth for a piano-driven song about finding comfort in relationships as images of firecrackers flashed across the top of the big screen.

The 1989 Era (2014)

This was when Swift really became a pop megastar, and it was the song on the 1989 tour where the singer showed off her best catwalk trot – the only time she invited her famous friends on stage with her.

The hit, which Swift wrote as a satire on how she was portrayed in the media, had backup dancers pretending to destroy a car with golf clubs and riding bicycles. (“Crazy” as a crazy child is “a nightmare dressed up as a dream.”)

Swift’s biggest global hit was just one big dance party on stage with the whole crew.

The longing ballad had the most PG-13-rated video on the big screen, showing a brief glimpse of the entangled couple in some pages.

Suspected to be of Katy Perry fame, Swift had a lot of fun running around the stage as random streams of fire erupted around the stadium.

This deeply introspective tune is actually on “Folklore,” and Swift pulled out an acoustic guitar to play it. He said he’ll play a new song at this point in the set list every night of the tour — unless he messes it up and wants to try it again in another city.

The Taylor Swift Era (2006)

Finally, a return to his self-titled debut album, or Debut as the kids call it, and his first big hit at country radio.

The Age of Midnight (2022)

In the last and final era, Swift dived into the center of the stage and then acted as if she was swimming in front of the house. As the audience gasped, back-up dancers lifted the clouds and Swift re-emerged in her sparkliest dress of the night and a purple coat as the synth-pop beat launched into her latest single.

As the real Swift dances on stage, a fake Swift towers over her on screen and threatens to destroy the city. (“Sometimes everyone’s a sex babe and I feel like a monster in the attic,” goes the oft-quoted lyric.)

Swift accompanied backup dancers with umbrellas to literally interpret this middle-of-the-road song about a relationship falling apart because one person is too cute and the other wants drama.

The audience went wild for Swift’s presence dances on a chairthe song is about his desire to take revenge on the person who wronged him.

“I polish very well!” Swift sings with sparkle, and for a show that already has tons of sequins and sparkles, this song offered another explosion of gems and diamonds on the big screen.

Swift doesn’t like to be called a “calculator,” but on this fast track, she respects her work and says, “What if none of this is by accident?” – he winked. To drive this idea home, the bottom of the stage was turned into a chessboard.

Swift closed with her favorite subject besides revenge: Karma. She layered a sequin-trimmed jacket over her stunning suit as she happily sang “Karma is the purring cat on my lap because she loves me” before fireworks exploded and confetti shot from the rooftops. lost consciousness.

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